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Clowns – a Myth?

An April Fool's joke about Clowns and a tribute to Hattrick and... something else

On April 1st, 2022 I received a code. The code, which was provided with very sparse historical information, pretended to be a true reproduction of the original HT code. The code should have been written by a fellow, whose name started with a B. The last four letters were difficult to read.

The code was found by an older HT enthusiast some years ago. Unfortunately, he did not have the skills to read the code. But he had sent it to me to see if I could make something out of it.

To my best knowledge, this amazing find seemed to confirm that the code about Clowns was buried very deeply in the original HT codes.

That was peculiar and surprising. HT has denied the existence of Clowns for years.

The day after, I decided to go in depth with my investigation. Among the information I had from my older HT enthusiast were some unusual and uncertain references to the source.

After visits to both Stockholm and Geneva, I managed to trace the source, who agreed to meet, provided his identity remained a secret.

We meet yesterday in the vaults in the Cathedral in Lund and to my great joy the authenticity of the code was confirmed. But even more staggering was that the source believed that the code continued to exist, albeit in rewritten form.

In his opinion, the effect was still the same, but a modern clown should not only be good in leadership and popular. He should also be a Teamplayer.

Slightly shaken, I walked up into the sunlight from the meeting. I started to think someone was taking me for a ride. Had I had a forgery between my hands?

If nothing new had happened, I would still be sitting pondering about the origins of the story of clowns.

But when I was in Malmö later that day, I happened to run into a well-known HT expert who often solves tasks for HT.

After a long and very wet evening, he confirmed the story. The effect of the new clowns was the same as in the code I had. And he added that the best effect is achieved if the player is also from your native country.

But I'm full of doubt. Actually, I do not know at all where I have the courage at all to present this. Let also say that I have done it out of love to Hattrick.

Editors comment: did you get the reference of this article? And, more important, are you old enough to remember clowns in Hattrick? Whatever is the answer, feel free to let us know in the comments, and if you appreciated the article don't forget to like it... as it's free!

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