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11-29-2021 Transfers and the Board

In our editorial back in March we announced changes to the transfer market that would prevent the use of “Gold Bar” players, that is, owning certain players that lose value very slowly and using them to circumvent the spending limits of the Board Reserves.

In the new system the Board may decide to keep cash in Board Reserves when selling players that have not been playing frequently for the club. This is still how this will work, but we have made important changes to this mechanism since it was first announced.

The Board will now only consider keeping the cash in Board Reserves if the player being sold is either a Goalkeeper (Solid or above) or if the player has at least solid leadership and inadequate experience. In other words: If the player you are trying to sell fits the description of a “Gold Bar” player AND if this player has not been used in a meaningful way in actual matches for your team, you run the risk of transfer proceeds from the player being placed in Board reserves rather than into your cash. With this final tweak to the system, we want to avoid these new rules becoming a nuisance to normal users who never considered storing cash in this way.

Most of the Hattrick managers will never need to think about this new mechanic. And if you think one of your players may be affected by the rule, it is easy to see if that is the case: Just like with agent fees, you will be told if the Board intends to keep any of the remaining transfer proceeds, and you will be told before placing the player on the market. 

We also think this is a fair solution to holders of these players. No money will be confiscated, but this money will be restricted so it can only be used within the spending limits that already exist in the game.

We also want to add that the definition of a “Gold Bar” player could change in the future, if we see that managers try to circumvent the rules again and place money in other player types.

11-12-2021 Arena Designer in the App

It's time to give the new arena designer another small update.

We've made it possible to use the designer in the mobile app, and we have also improved the support for mobile/touch interfaces in general.

In addition to this, the weather animation makes a return as well. We have also added an undo/redo function and Y-axis movement for the design interface.

Finally, we fixed some bugs and also made the designer fit better on smaller screens. We hope you will enjoy the new version!

10-27-2021 Summer time ends!

On Sunday morning, summer time (Daylight Saving Time) ends, and the clock switches back to standard Central European Time. This means that the hour between 02:00 and 03:00 CET Time occurs twice. Of course all matches, transfers and so on will happen just once.

10-25-2021 “Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It”

Today, a new feature goes live. Most of you will not see it for now, but we wanted to tell you what Missions are, so that if you one day get one, you know what the fuss is all about.

A Mission is a story-based event that can be triggered at certain points in your Hattrick career. It will be a kind of challenge that you can ignore or accept, and if you accept there will be a reward if you succeed, and maybe also a penalty if you fail. We will never explain when a Mission may happen, but the rules will always be applied in the same way to all teams. If two teams satisfy the criteria, both will get it.

Our first Missions are relatively minor affairs, directed at teams and managers that for different reasons may be at risk of losing interest in Hattrick. But we do envision Missions that could happen at any stage of your Hattrick life.

To give one example of a Mission being introduced now: If you play in the lowest division of a league, and you have no chance of promotion, you could be offered a new unique goal for the rest of your season - let’s say to improve your league position. If you do, there will be a reward.

Missions rewards are balanced so they don’t disrupt competition, and they are also balanced in such a way that teams can never repeat a Mission once it has been tried once. We see this as a nice format to create secondary goals and agendas in the game, hidden to other teams, as well as a way to introduce incentives for certain user groups or play styles that may need a nudge.

As always, the real purpose is for everyone to have just a bit more fun - so we hope you like it!

10-15-2021 Smokinglirarna Wins the Hattrick Masters

Smokinglirarna from Sweden and Vijayapura Vipers from Brunei faced each other in the Hattrick Masters final last night. While the Vipers had the most ball possession, it was Lirarna who was the most efficient. 1 - 0 was sufficient to make them the next winner of the Hattrick Masters!

Both teams seemed to have prepared themselves very well for the match. While Lirarna opted for a 5-5-0 with Long Shots, their opponent chose a 2-5-3 lineup to try to win the battle. It was interesting to see how the tactics would play out. It was however not until the 19th minute when we saw the first big chance. With a brilliant long shot, Lirarna took the lead, 1 - 0. Without a doubt their fans thought it was worth the wait. We admit, it was a beauty. 1 - 0 was also the half time score, but this was only thanks to some outstanding saves that prevented from some more goals being scored.

In the second half Vipers tried their best to turn the tide, but they didn't convert their best opportunity to score the equalizer after 56 minutes of gameplay. The remainder of the game was very thrilling, but no more goals were scored. After one minute of extra time, the referee figured it was enough for the day and blew his whistle. Smokinglirarna are the new Hattrick Masters winner!

Our congratulations go to Smokinglirarna and their manager _Bele_!

10-14-2021 Tactics Review

At the start of next season, we will make a few changes to three match tactics: pressing, attack on wings, and attack in the middle.

Teams that press against the long shots tactic will now have a higher minimum chance of pressing away a long shot attempt. Today, pressing teams with a tactic rating much lower than the long shot team's run the risk of never having the chance to prevent a long shot. With this change, there will always be a chance, even if the long shot team still keeps the overall advantage.

Both attack on wings and attack in the middle have lost popularity because it is perceived to be too much of a gamble to direct attacking power to either the wings or the middle when there is no guarantee that your team will actually attack from those positions. To balance this, there will now be some attacks dedicated to the tactic your team has chosen.

The goal of these changes are to balance these three tactics against all other available tactics in Hattrick. The change to pressing also aims to provide a stronger countermeasure against long shots.

We want all tactics in Hattrick to be viable, and for teams that have invested in a certain tactic to not be undercut overnight. In the case of long shots, this move signals a first and modest step on a path that will moderate long shot efficiency over time. If needed, we may try additional steps in the future.

9-28-2021 12 New Achievements

We have a new set of achievements ready for managers to go after!

The first 10 are in the main category, meaning anyone can collect them and their scores are included in the official scoreboard.

For example, you can now get recognition for breaking the winning streak of an opponent, for promoting two seasons in a row, for achieving a double-Hattrick in a single match, for winning both your series and getting the top scorer award, for ending the season with very few goals conceded, and for going many weeks without ever missing to schedule a friendly - among other things.

We also have two new Supporter achievements: One given when you have collected all away flags, one for collecting one home and one away flag from each continent. (If you have already “earned” these in the past, these achievements will update automatically next time you play any friendly).

Also, we want to deny that there are new hidden achievements added. We also want to deny that we are denying this. Please don’t go looking for hidden achievements, OK? :-)

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