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The Hattrick World

Ongoing Competitions

World Cup XXXII is on Round I
Next match: Tomorrow 20:00
U-20 WC XXXI is on Round III
Next match: 12-18-2020 20:00

Upcoming Competitions

Hattrick Masters has not started yet.
Next match: 2-8-2021 20:00

Reigning Champions

World Cup U-20 World Cup Hattrick Masters Supporter Week Trophy
China China Germany U-20 Deutschland Caesar Spor II Caesar Spor II
Managed by chenxiaolin Managed by Maidichtling Managed by Caesar1 Managed by Caesar1

Hattrick Press

11-8-2020 Meet the game developers: HT-Tasos

One of the most active HT's in the forums and the guy behind the now extinct (we've got news about it) HT-Tools. We'll also talk about the new World Cup format, Power Ratings, and much, much more.

Please welcome, HT-Tasos!

Written by Mod-Fleming (10382507) and HPE-rikdaan (13289066)

1204 views Written by HPE-rikdaan

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8-3-2020 Interview with Uncle-Mish aka Papa-Mish

Not only did we know him as a Twitch-streamer and former champion of Israel, but recently he also went on to become a proud dad. More than enough reasons to interview this HT-hero: Papa-Mish (11419808)!

2524 views Written by MrRaiven

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5-19-2020 HTnini: The game inside the game

The green community was shocked last week when a CHPP developer announced the launch of HTnini, an in-game game, a plugin for Google Chrome browser that emulates the collection of the famous Panini cards. One week after the 'premier', HTnini has more than 400 subscribers, threads in the most consulted HT forums and users who confess to spend more time on HTnini than on the pages of their own HT teams!

3393 views Written by Pibe_Valderrama

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National Teams - Press Announcements

11-26-2020 England England: NT England Staff
11-23-2020 England U-20 England: World Cup KO'd
11-21-2020 Suriname Suriname: WE WON THIS MATCH BY A LOT
11-19-2020 Algeria U-20 Algérie: U21 Potential / Potentiel U21.
11-13-2020 South Africa South Africa: Future SA-HT NT star? (celebrity)
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